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Director of Photography on This is Kilo 3

which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner.


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a bit about me

My background in fine arts has proven to be a valuable asset in my multimedia career.  I studied art and design academically for nearly a decade which honed my innate creativity.  I always had a desire to make movies, but I guess I thought that a poor kid from El Paso couldn’t make a living doing that.  I remember seeing El Mariachi for the first time and then thinking “Wow! Some kid from San Antonio did this while he was still in college?”  Then, not long after I saw Giuseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso and I decided I had to chase my dream of making a career behind the camera.

I pursued filmmaking through the University of Texas at Austin’s film school where I gained acceptance into the elite film program called the Intensive Production Sequence.  There, I concentrated on cinematography and pushed myself into several internships beginning with my first year in film school.

After graduating in 2000, I started working as a camera assistant beginning with the feature film Spy Kids.  Soon after, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I freelanced as a Production Assistant and 2nd Assistant Cameraman/Loader. Eventually, I  returned to Austin to continue freelancing as a camera assistant and to D.P. several shorts, music videos and documentaries.

In 2005, I began work at U.S. Interactive in Houston, Texas where I produced, directed, shot and edited the Takehome Defensive Driving course among several other commercial videos.  In 2010, I Drive Safely bought US Interactive and I continued to manage all aspects of video production.  In 2013, I was happy to come onboard with Insperity, where I am presently the manager of video production.  When I don't feel like coming up for air, I shoot the occasional short narrative, documentary or marketing video for fun and interesting clients.

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